AOSpine is an international community of spine surgeons generating, distributing, and exchanging knowledge to advance science and the spine care profession through research, education, and community development.

But over the years, spine surgeons had less time to spend in internet forums, so they wanted to find a new way for users to engage with each other.

My Work

After some interviews we realized that even though surgeons have less time to use a full-fledged computer, it doesn’t mean they’re not accessing the web or viewing emails. They are. Via Smartphones.

Between surgeries, during lunch or commuting home, every single user said that they used smartphones to have a break. So developing a mobile app was the way to go.

After much research and iteration, the application went online for members only and brought an interface fully focused on knowledge exchange. Via text messages or photos and audio recorded instantly.

A major selling point in this project was the fact that the client saw the mobile wireframe working on his own smartphone.


Final Product