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Unilever Brazil wanted to create an easy to use platform that could make it easier for agencies and partners to access their digital assets. The old online catalog they were using was created as a system, disregarding the user experience and it took them several steps to perform simple actions.

My Role

It was my responsibility to rethink the catalog in an intuitive way, considering users with several levels of internet knowledge, since the site was accessed by people from all over Brazil. From ad agencies in big metropolis to small partners across the country.


Data analysis, massive studies of interaction design and information architecture were the strong points of this project, because not only we had to think about the users, but also how the assets would be uploaded. Several meetings with Unilever’s stakeholders and out internal team of developers to talk about hardware and server capacities were a daily routine during the initial phase. 

After the initial research and specializations, I sketched all the screens to get the approval from Unilever’s stakeholders and used Axure to create High-Fidelity prototypes that were praised by their team and then sent to our designers.

With than 20,000 downloads and 100,000 pageviews per month and an average time on site of 9 minutes per user, the new Unilever Brazil Catalog became the main tool for accessing Unilever’s assets database. This tool was such a success, that Volkswagen contacted our agency wanting to do the same for them.