Unilever Foodsolutions is a branch from Unilever Brazil that takes care of their B2B Food commerce. They wanted to find a new way for their vendors to showcase new products in restaurants and food companies.Something that would make the vendor life easier and impress his clients at the same time.

My Role

As the sole UX Designer on this project, my role was to research the best practices when it came to have an iPad that would be present on every vendor visit on restaurants and hotels. I did interviews and tested different type of hardware before designing the screens and approving them with Stakeholders.



During the research phase we found out that vendors would be presenting the app to Chefs in fast paced environments like restaurants and hotels kitchens, so we needed something visually striking, that at the same time could have all the information needed to market the product and request orders.

Iterations of the wireframe were made based on tests with vendors and the final prototype version was presented to Unilever in an iPad. Getting praise by its high level of fidelity and being approved after few iterations.